Easy Online Marketing – Top Key Elements

Cheap Sells. We are often told that the way to make it big in IM is to sell ‘high ticket items’. It is near impossible for someone who is just starting out to sell a product costing $1000 ($997 is more likely) with any conviction. It is much easier to go after the $37 sale. From the customer’s view, a purchase is a gamble. To risk $37 dollars on a purchase is a whole lot easier than risking $997.

Online Gambling: Legitimate Hobby or Existential Threat?

What the heck is a squeeze page? Squeeze page. You have probably heard the term a few times and not quite understood what it means. I know I did เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ . Instead of directing the viewer towards a purchase, the goal of a squeeze page is to obtain email list subscribers.

Bums do make money…Online. Marketing ‘bums’ are folks that choose to take the easy way to earning profits online. A ‘bum marketer’ will rewrite another author’s (ghost writer) 300-800 word article. Then place this article in several places such as free article directories, a blog or on their own web sites. Readers of the article will use it as content (links and all) on their websites. Thus ‘spreading the word’. The original owner reaps the benefits from the embedded links.

Most people love a good story. The product may not do much if it is just another ‘how to make money’ product. But if you present it with a story – for example ‘Pregnant Abandoned 19 year old almost lost her home UNTIL she found this amazing money making secret’. Now THAT is a story. It’s corny – it is hype – it sells. Is the story true? Who is to say.

The $$$ is in the list. I have read from several independent marketers that as a general rule of thumb, one should be able to easily generate about $1 per person per month from your email list. This is from mailings to your list only, not from websites, etc. Obviously this does not mean that everyone on your list send will send you a dollar. But with some people buying and some ignoring the emails, an average of $1 per person per month is a reasonable expectation.

You can make money from the Money Making Niche. It is hard to know how many people go online each day trying to find a way to make money. But be assured, it is a lot. I know I did. It may be why you are reading this article. The problem comes when you do not know who is giving out true information and who is just plain bogus. The saying ‘fake it until you make it’ is a very real concept online.

Call to Action. Some call it the ‘Fear Factor’ – scare the life out of them – buy now before it is gone forever. I am not too fond of using the word ‘fear’. Too negative. I like to think people buy from me because they choose to, not because they feel they have to. But it is used throughout marketing in general. And it is very effective.

Blogging – There are two ways to make cash through blogging: either by earning commission from advertising banners placed alongside a blog of your own or by engaging in the (slightly dubious) practice of “sponsored” blogging. An array of third party tools is available in the case of the former option; Google’s AdSense remains one of the more popular solutions. Just establish yourself a decent blog, configure the ads and see what happens.

Stock Photography – If you’ve a keen eye for an impressive frame, or even just some half-decent camera kit at your disposal, selling pictures to any one of the plethora of stock photography agencies scattered across the web represents a sure-fire method of generating an income online. The likes of Fotolia offer adding photographers the incentive of earning potentially significant sums for their snaps on a per-download basis in exchange for their other royalty payment rights.

Freelancing – If you have a talent – be it for writing, graphic design or even programming – online freelancing will allow you to exploit it for a handsome profit. Services such as Elance advertise outsourced remote working opportunities on behalf of thousands of companies and allow members to sign up to assignments according to their desired criteria. Depending on your skills and availability though, there is a lot of money to be made in this fashion, with the fastest-growing fields – like document translation – paying the best rates. 

Poker – Likely the most controversial inclusion in this list, the online poker world is awash with sob stories of empty wallets and broken dreams from people of all walks of life who just didn’t know when to quit. If you feel like having a go at making some big bucks through gambling, extreme caution is urged. If you are skilled – and lucky – the potential rewards are vast, with some players regularly earning in excess of £1,000 per day.