Microsoft Project Management Software – Maximizing Today’s Complex Project Management

Today’s project manager is required to perform a multitude of key business functions and navigate through complicated array of tools and reporting resources in order to start, manage and successfully complete a project. Project managers need to be agile, intuitive and relentless task managers of many business concepts PMP certification . This facilitates the need to have a tool that performs optimally and can adapt as fast as a project manager does on a day to day basis. Just as a paintbrush is an invaluable tool to a painter, Microsoft Project Manager offers this same value to a project manager.

The activities that a project management can be expected to manage can consist of following: Analysis and design of objective and events, assessing and controlling risk management, analyzing the results based on the facts achieved, allocation of resources, acquiring human and material resources, assigning tasks, communicating to stakeholders, controlling project execution, defect prevention, defining the products of the project, directing activities, estimating resources, forecasting future trends in the project, increasing / decreasing a company’s workers, issues management, issue solving, identifying, managing & controlling changes, organizing the work.

planning the work according to the objectives, project closure, quality management and tracking and reporting progress. One can see the activities and day to day functions that are needed for a project manager to successfully complete a project are numerous. Each component listed above is its own distinct portion or phase of a project but, eventually all identified components link, interact or are directly/indirectly reliant on one another.

Project Management tools may include: financial tools, cause and effect charts, status reporting, PERT charts, gantt charts, event chain diagrams, RACI diagrams, run charts and project cycle optimization. In order to reach the projects ultimate goal of completion, the project manager needs to rely on and have a very well endowed project management tool box at his/her disposal. The tool box needs to be available at a seconds notice to deploy immediately.

These tools need to be flexible enough to adjust to the project managers evolving business needs and allow for succinct and reliable tracking. Hosted Microsoft Project Server makes all of this and more available to today’s project manager. MS Project Server 2007 offers a solid infrastructure to work and deploy project after project from. Most importantly as the project manager utilizes .